Scuba Refesher

Are you planning a scuba trip to an exotic location?  The open ocean beckons, and with the snowy winter we have been having, I am sure you just can’t wait to dive in. Before you do, just think.  How long has it been since you were on your last scuba adventure? Do you think you remember how to dive? Perhaps you do. I am sure you remember how to kick under water and inflate/deflate your BCD.  However, if more than one year has passed since your Open Water Certification course and your last dive, I highly recommend you consider a refresher course.  It is important to commit to being a safe and knowledgeable diver. To accomplish this, safe divers must remember a vast amount of information that may seep out of the brain with time due to not being used. A refresher course will return that knowledge to your brain!

Yes, your scuba certification never expires.  However, people forget skills they don’t practice and must review them. That is why PADI suggests that divers periodically review course information under the supervision of an instructor.

When you became certified, you signed an agreement to follow the “Standard Safe Diving Practices Statement of Understanding,” part of which states that a certified diver agrees to“Keep proficient in diving skills, striving to increase them through continuing education and reviewing them in controlled conditions after a period of diving inactivity, and refer to my course materials to stay current and refresh myself on important information.”

Has it been more than a year but you feel you remember everything you were taught?   If so, test yourself on some facts below:

  • Do you remember how to use recreational dive tables?
  • Do you remember emergency decompression procedures?
  • What about how to tell if you have exceeded the maximum safe ascent rate without using a watch, depth gauge or dive computer?

Don’t remember all of the above? This is small subset of some of the required safety information you must remember if you are to dive safely. The good news is that this information was covered in your open water course, and you will remember it quickly after a brief review.

Many divers have told me they have some level of anxiety when returning to the water after a hiatus. Taking a refresher course and reviewing your knowledge and skills before your return to diving will help to reduce this anxiety and will make your return to diving more enjoyable.

My refresher course includes a review of dive theory and in-water skill practice.  Once completed, you will be ready to enjoy your dive with the knowledge your scuba skills are up to date. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me to discuss at (203) 629-4766.